Frequently asked questions

Does LeadEx required any additional ATM components?

LeadEx is a fully integrated API into the manufacture’s core operating systems and does not require any new components. The systems enables the users to use the devices existing screen and pinpad (or keyboard) to interact with the product messaging.

How often will a Product Offering Ad run on my devices?

Product Offering Ads will vary in duration depending on the Content Partner. LeadEx will limit Product Offering Ads to 30 days or less with an minimum 2 weeks duration.

How do I sign up for LeadEx?

1. By contacting an account manager through the “Contact Us” or “Learn Me” links on the LeadEx Solutions website. 2. An account manager will reach out to you and walk you through the simple onboarding processes that will include the following questions: (i) Number of ATM locations, (ii) Type of ATM devices, (iii) States and Cities where your devices operate and (iv) average number of monthly transactions. 3. Once you network has been qualified, your LeadEx account manager will provide you a LeadEx agreement and payment terms for your review and execution. 4. After your agreement has been executed, LeadEx will work with your manufacturer to update your devices operating software with LeadEx’s API. 5. LeadEx onboarding process takes up to 30 days.